For Women

As a fellow female, I see you. I feel you.

Life has its ups and downs. Our pelvic floors are no exception!

Physiotherapy teaches lazy pelvic floors to generate more power. Uptight pelvic floors can be coaxed to relax. Pelvic pain and painful intercourse are addressed through consultation and treatment. A leaking bladder is not something one talks about easily. Talking about your challenges and searching for solutions will

help you regain control.

Lymphoedema affects many women after breast cancer surgery. Lymphoedema massage and bandaging alleviate heaviness and discomfort in the arms.

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What is urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence is leaking of urine, and you can not control it   Did you know that there are FOUR types of urinary leakage? 1 stress incontinence – Urine leaks out at times when your bladder or belly is under sudden increase of pressure; for example, when you sneeze, cough,laugh,jump or […]

You are pregnant. Your bump is growing every day. But what is going on in the ab-department? Normally your “six pack” muscles named RECTUS ABDOMINUS are lying in two rows running from your ribs up to your pubic bone and are only seperated by a thin line of connective tissue named the LINEA ALBA. During […]

Its a really awkward feeling. You really want to start supercharging your pelvic floor to improve your sex life, prevent leaking of urine and prevent sagging of the bladder as you age... BUT There is a small problem - you are not sure about where and how... You are not alone, only about 1 out [...]