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When small bladders have big problems – overview of common conditions

Urinary incontinence - leaks and spurts Urinary leakage is an involuntary loss of urine that happens in an inappropriate place or time. The child must be five years of age, have a minimum of one episode per month and a minimum duration of three months for an official diagnosis to be made (Austin et al., [...]

Sweet dreams are made of this- who am I to disagree?

  Do you find yourself nodding off during the day? Do you spend the night tossing and turning? Do you spend time counting sheep? Struggling to get enough ZZZZZ? Many people sleep too little, or wake feeling tired. The relentless pace of life, high stress levels and excess screen time all contribute to poor sleep. [...]

Ten tips to avoid winter sniffles

ITS WINTER TIME! Don't you just hate it when you get the flu or a cold? I have made a list of TEN WAYS to prevent germs from making your winter miserable. Let's call it the "winter survival strategy" - hope it helps! 1. Wash away germs before they get a chance to get comfortable [...]

Multiple Sclerosis Facts

Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves a process in which the body's immune system attacks the nervous system. The substance surrounding and insulating the nerve fibres is called MYELIN. MS damages the myelin and the nerve fibres. This leads to altered conduction of messages in the nervous system. The damaged areas heal with scar tissue - creating [...]

Guillian Barre Syndrome

In celebration of international Guillian Barre Syndrome Awareness Day I have summarized a few facts on the disease. What is Guillain-Barré syndrome? GBS is a condition where your immune system attacks healthy nerve cells. This leads to poor conduction in the nerves, leading to muscle weakness, numbness and tingling. The message from the brain to [...]

Visualization, relaxation and breathing for constipation

Children with constipation experience a lot of anxiety. Relaxation techniques may help to decrease anxiety. There are many relaxation techniques available. There are even apps available for your cellphone to help you practice mindfulness, relaxation exercises or breathing. Here is my combination of progressive muscle relaxation techniques combined with visualization and deep breathing. Use what [...]

Exercises to help with childhood constipation

I often get asked by parents about exercises to assist with constipation in children. Here are a few of my favorite exercises- please do note that there are so many other options and that each child might benefit from different exercises! DISCLAIMER : these exercises do not replace a consultation with a medical practitioner. Stop [...]

Giving Bell’s the boot – a patient experience – blog 2

On the first morning after my diagnosis with Bell's  I woke up with a blurry eye. It felt like sandpaper. Despite covering it with an eyepatch, my eyelid had creeped open during the night - leaving my eye dry and irritated. Breakfast went better than the day before. Am I chewing more normally? I squirted [...]

Bell’s Palsy – Face-anating facts

It was a Scottish doctor Charles Bell who first documented the relation between the SEVENTH CRANIAL NERVE and the muscles of the face. There is a seventh cranial nerve on each side of your face. The seventh cranial nerve comes from the brain and travels through a small opening in the temporal bone named the [...]

For whom the BELL’s toll….. a patient blog day 1

I woke up on a Saturday morning in February I felt a searing pain in my left ear and jaw. It felt like a hot knife stuck in my cheek. My jaw felt strange when I chewed, and I started wondering if it was not a "tempo-mandibular joint" condition- I immediately decided I need to [...]