Guys and girls: Four factors that put you at risk for osteoporosis

  1. Family history of osteoporosis
  2. Being female (poor Eve)
  3. Being extremely lean/skinny/petite build
  4. Being Caucasian, Asian or of mixed race origin

Four reasons why Eve might get osteoporosis (and Adam won’t)

  1. We all reach our peak bone mass at the age of 25-30 years of age. This means that your bones are at their strongest at this age, and as you grow older, this will decrease again.
  2. The female peak bone mass is much lower than male peak bone mass. So women have less to lose.
  3. During menopause women have rapid bone loss because of hormonal changes.
  4. Women live longer than men. Thus technically, the longer you live, the bigger your chances are to get osteoporosis because bone mass decreases as you age.

Which six factors can affect your peak bone mass?

  1. Poor general health during your childhood and young adult life
  2. Not getting enough exercise while growing up: exercise increases bone strength
  3. Poor diet
  4. Hormone levels influence peak bone mass
  5. Being female (poor Eve)
  6. Having a mother with spinal osteoporosis

Eve has one protective factor

Pregnancy protects against osteoporosis in the long run (even though temporary pregnancy related osteoporosis can occur)

So even if you do develop osteoporosis, your physical therapist can assist you in prevention of falls and exercises to improve bone density.

Adam or Eve, your physio can help you #regainFunction.

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